The Weather is suited only for AC

Finally there was an appealing day where I didn’t have to run my air conditioning system or my heating at all.

I was undoubtedly ecstatic about that period and I thought it would be the perfect moment to get my components taken care of since it wasn’t being used right now.

I called up my local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and booked them to come out and perform the annual systemic checkup for me. All seemed well which I was ecstatic. Just needed a little minor repair job or two and a proposal tune up. The guys were booked up for a few mornings which was no major concern for me. They called me and all of us tied up an appointment for them to come back over. The next day it was raining and storming all day so I couldn’t keep my windows and doors open. I had to keep the lake house tightly closed up. I turned on the air conditioning system and the climate control component would not light up. I kept on it a few times and then it came back on and then my lake house started cooling down so I thought everything was ok. After a few hours the same thing happened again, which distraught me. I was wondering if I needed to call the repairman. After about an hour and a half of its still not really working I decided the best option would be to call someone to come over and take a look at it. Once again it was a very undoubtedly self-explanatory fix. The guys were in and out in no time and my air conditioning system was once more really working fantastically which made me undoubtedly ecstatic.


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The Cruise almost didn’t happen

Since our young ones are all grown my hubby and I decided all of us were going to treat ourselves to a raucous fun time and got some tickets for a 7 day cruise, and every one of us had a buddy staying at our lake house as all of us had a need for someone to keep an eye on the house.

  • A few mornings before the planned leave all of us had our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier come over to give us a thorough check of our air conditioning system unit.

Every one of us ended up requiring a new control component and an air filter however that was a self-explanatory task. Then, the day before all of us planned to leave things got nasty. It was so hot inside the lake house you could hardly breathe. Once again I had to call the supplier and they sent out the whole crew. Every one of us ended up needing a new control component and an air filter however that was (once again) a self-explanatory task, but come to find out while all of us were gone out component blew out and the whole thing needed to be replaced. This absolutely put a little dampening on our getaway however all of us didn’t let it get us down. The guys were undoubtedly efficient and knew exactly what they had to do; First, they replaced our whole outside air conditioning system component which took several additional hours. Then they came inside and had to do a tune up on the control components that they had just replaced a few mornings beforehand. They did the repair job and in very little time our lake house was cooling off again. Our local air conditioning system repair men did another task well done, the second time around. I was ecstatic that our trip was saved and all was well again.



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Cooling down after a hot day

After taking a nice long motorcycle ride in the hot sunshine with my buddy I was ecstatic when all of us pulled in my driveway.

We wanted to rest back and relax with an ice freezing air conditioning system… Boy oh boy was I shocked when I opened the door and it was hot inside.

Apparently while all of us have been gone the whole afternoon something bad happened to my air conditioning system unit. I straight away looked at my thermostat that and it said 85 degrees. I remember the last time I had the air conditioning system crew out I had bought an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair plan with guaranteed that if anything bad happened they would come back and check things out for free. So I then got out my paperwork in and called the supplier whose name was on it. Within hours there was a knock at my door and it was their repair team. They walked around my entire lake house for an hour and then came back with a list of things that needed to be done. One major thing needed to get to was the sealing in the attic. After a short time they were finished with that space of the tasks. Then they proceeded to walk outside to check the air conditioning system unit. They had to repair a few more minor things on the component itself. Before too long they were finished with the outside. After a few hours the whole task was complete and my lake house was cooling down at last. I was so ecstatic I opted to get the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair plan as it saved me a ton of money with their repair work.


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The doldrums of Summertime

As you are aware, summer weather in in the south has seriously hot hot and cold temperatures.

  • On my way to the office 1 morning I started to get an ice freezing drink.

Soon as I walked into the convenience store I knew something felt off. It was undoubtedly hot and humid inside the store. So I asked the currencyier who is really working with the Sprite machine about what was happening. She told me that the heating components were having some technical concerns and was in immediate need of repair. I then took out my trifold wallet and gave her a business card of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier I use. I told her to give them a quick call right away and see what kind of repair job needed to get done. She then gave their card to her manager, but he went into the office and made the quick iPhone call. A few hours later he said that there was a crew on their way. They listed this as an emergency call because they did not want the employees or the customers to be overheating in the humid southern heat. About 30 hours later the repair servicemans were there to figure out what had gone wrong. After a quick look they knew that it wasn’t a undoubtedly big task. All they basically ended up having to do was to change out the air filters and put in a new control unit. In no time the task was done and the customers and employees were both quite ecstatic again. The boss gave the guys all a free fountain drink as they left the store and deeply thanked them.


One Night my AC just stopped working

I awoke 1 day around 4 am to find that my lake house was much cooler than normal and became quite distraught about it. I’m obviously not a heating and cooling service tech so I had no proposal for what was going on. I couldn’t do anything to help until the next day so I put a few logs in my fireplace and went back to my bed. When I awoke around 8 am I got on the iPhone right away with my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier. I left a detailed message explaining my situation. About an hour later they called back and told me they were tied up for the rest of that day however could come over first thing in the day and check out my system, however just as they vowed the next day they were knocking on my door around 10 am. I explained to them how I had been awakened earlier the day before and my gas furnace didn’t seem to be really working properly. They took a long look around and abruptly tested the concern and then got to work. It seemed that nothing major was wrong and that my proposal just needed a major tune up. Three hours later they were still really working and I was wondering if things would be finished up by breakfast so I could beginning to cook, but luckily, about an hour later they told me the task was all complete. I was undoubtedly ecstatic to be able to turn my gas furnace on again and get warm again. The guys did an amazing task and the next day I even called their boss and gave them some extra praise.


Duct sealing

Proper Insulation is Vital

It was such a freezing, moist day and something just didn’t seem right about the air quality of my beach house and it undoubtedly distressed me, so that very night I called my local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier to see about making an appointment with a service tech to come over and evaluate the situation and possibly request repairs for the problem. Within hours they returned my message and all of us tied up an appointment for the air conditioning system to be worked on the next business day. After the serviceman walked around the lake house for several hours he finally sussed out what the exact concern was with my air conditioning system. My air ducts were not at all insulated and that caused air to leak through my lake house and lowered my air quality. The 1st thing they needed to do was to work on the duct work. It seemed that it took forever for them to finish however after a few hours they came to me and said they were all done with that space of the task. The next thing they did was to beginning the sealing of the holes in the HVAC duct up in the attic. They worked so hard that I provided them freezing glasses of lemonade and some freshly baked cookies in which they ecstatically accepted. They abruptly returned to job as they had quite a big task ahead of them. After they wrapped up they ran a quick proposal check to guarantee everything was really working properly again. I will absolutely keep this air conditioning system supplier in mind if I ever need any further repair work. They did it in a timely manner and were super efficient. They even called me a few mornings after to check that everything was still really working fine. I was impressed with their appealing task!


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Furnaces are Vital Too

Living way up north I had learned when I was young how important having a properly running oil furnace was to my family’s continued well being.

If anything stopped the gas furnace from heating during the winters coldest nights life was almost unbearable.

Always make sure you get your oil or gas furnace worked on before the Winter to keep from having concerns later on, then once I became a homeowner and had my own beach house I typically always make sure that I call in the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier to schedule a repair and repair appointment for my oil furnace in the fall. I remember 1 recognizable Winter when the oil furnace stopped working well and my family had to stay in a motel for a week until the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier got our oil furnace repaired. It was a pain in the neck to transport my family of 6 into a motel suite for a week. It was a overpriced mistake and would never happen again. The costs to keep the oil furnace tested however not nearly as overpriced as needing it repaired in the middle of Winter and needing to be uprooted from your beach house while waiting on parts or labor. The heating repair supplier is awesome! They typically attempt to get things done abruptly and efficiently. I now have a repair agreement with the heating supplier to maintain and repair my air conditioning system and gas furnace two times a year before Winter and summer. It’s important to keep those regularly tested otherwise your air conditioning system and gas furnace won’t last as long and replacing them can cost you a lot more than just the component itself. Take it from someone who lived through an incident of not having needed heat or air conditioning system when it was needed most….it’s worth the repair.

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I Love having my new air conditioning system

I live in a state deep in the south and summers can be quite brutal.

It is almost a lethal opportunity to try and live down here without an air conditioning system, at least for me.

When I moved into my lake house 1 of the very 1st things that I verified worked properly was the air conditioning system unit. This lake house is quite small and the air conditioning system component is just the perfect size for the modest environment. I made sure I had put deposits on the electricity before moving day so I could adjust the air conditioning system on 70 degrees and leave it. I wanted the lake house to be nice and cooled down when all of us started moving my things into my new home. I turned the control component on around nine a.m., and by 1pm when the movers arrived, my lake house was quite comfortable. I made sure all of the doors were closed when movers weren’t going in and out. It only took an hour for the moving team to get everything into the lake house and I was already starting to unpack, after the movers left and it was just me I turned my control component down to below 75 degrees as I absolutely adore it cold. I wanted my lake house really quite freezing as I went to bed because there is nothing better than snuggling under an electric blanket when the room is cold. I would not be able to survive residing down here if I didn’t have this air conditioning system… My air conditioning system is the best! I am thankful I am alive during a time in history that all of us have such inventions as the air conditioning system. I just adore this air conditioning system of mine and would never want to be without it!
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Low cost cooling

My sisters and I were overjoyed when my dad was transferred to the southwestern part of the country for his job! This would mean no more cold winters.

Our parents always kept the heating to a minimum.

So much, that we would all get sick all the time. They were real cheap skates! So believe me when I say, the move was like a miracle! All the way there my sisters and me were dreaming of how much fun the 3 of us were going to have in the sunshine, however it was still Winter season time when the 3 of us moved and the 3 of us were looking forward to escaping the chilly weather and the barely-used heating system. Our first few months in our new apartment down South were perfect, and the Winter season weather was lovely and the place was the perfect temperature with no furnace or gas furnace going! By the time the sizzling summer season rolled around, though, we all quickly found out that our parents were as frugal about running the a/c as they had been about running the gas furnace up north. The control device on the dial thermostat was kept at 86 degrees and the air conditioning unit and system just didn’t keep the place cool at all. My sisters as well as myself spent most of our summer seasons at the pool since none of us barely had the comfort of air conditioning in our apartment, however now that I’m an adult, I happily pay the extra money to run the air conditioning system ice-chilly cold all summer season and keep the furnace going full blast all Winter season long!

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A cheap a/c system

When I was a kid and all of us in our family found out that my dad was being moved for his job to the sunny South, our family was beyond excited! The reason for this was, that we lived in the north where it is very cold.

  • My parents were also very cheap with running the heating system, so it was not very warm in our home.

My siblings and I talked happily for the whole automobile trip, dreaming of how much fun all of us were going to have in the sunshine, but it was still wintertime when we all had moved and the bunch of us were looking forward to escaping the freezing weather and the need for having heating; Our first few months in our modern home in the South were perfect, but the Winter weather was lovely and the home was the perfect temperature with no gas furnace or any sort of heating going. By the time the tepid hot summer time rolled around, though, every single one of us found out that my parents were as cheapo about running the air conditioning as they had been about running the gas furnace up north. The thermostat’s temperature control was kept at 89 degrees and the air conditioning just didn’t keep the place cool at all. My siblings and I spent most of our summers at the pool since all of us barely had the comfort of air conditioning in our house! Now that I’m an adult, I happily go and pay the extra money on my energy bills to run the air conditioning nice and cold all summer time and keep the gas furnace going full blast all winter time long! No one can stop me!

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