The spa gave me a cool job with some perks

I was working for an AC repair company a few weeks ago plus I got handed a legitimate offer for a cool new job.

I was working on a commercial AC concern at a place that offers spa plus massage treatments.

It’s a very fancy plus expensive spot that has hot brick massage, facials, pedicures, plus hot mud bath. I have been down to the spa multiple times over the past few months, because they keep having troubles with the a/c. The last time I was working on an AC repair, the owner of the spa gave me a great job. He wants to hire a full-time staff member with the proficiency to repair any of the troubles that occur from afternoon to afternoon. Many of these troubles occur with any items that I have proficiency to repair. The owner of the AC repair shop was astonished when I told him about this offer. I told my boss about the perks plus the raise in pay. Since the owner of the AC repair shop did not bother to offer to give me a raise, I decided to take the modern job with the spa. So far, things here have been truly fun plus exciting. I continue to work on AC troubles, but I am also in charge of working on troubles with other machines inside of the building. I have gained insight on how to repair tanning beds plus heat lamps, frigid room refrigeration equipment, plus a large number of other machines. I don’t regret leaving the repair shop for a third. This gig is much more fun than the boring plus normal repair stuff.



Air quality systems

Indoor air troubles due to shared vents

My lovely lady friend plus I were living with her parents for 6months. I was working at the factory on the third watch shift plus my lady friend was at home caring for our more than one children. All of us had a decent apartment before the people I was with and I had to move in the home with the parents, however the place was filled with rodents plus roaches plus the people I was with and I had to transport out quickly. Things were going well until my lady got into a big argument with her parents plus they told us that the people I was with and I had to move out stuff out immediately. All of us had to find a place suddenly plus the only vacant apartment was inside a cramped building with several other tenants. It’s cheap, however there are some nagging troubles. For instance, the people I was with and I all share the same water heater. If pretty much every person showers at the same time, the last person does not have a hot shower. All of us also have to share the same HVAC component plus the same air vents plus ducting system. This has been a growing concern since the first afternoon the people I was with and I moved to the modern location. My lady friend plus I do not have any pets because the people I was with and I have intense dog irritations. One of our neighbors has cats plus the people I was with and I always sneeze a lot. The pet dander travels through the HVAC system via the ductwork plus now the people I was with and I are exposed to the same germs plus allergens. All of us have to take Claritin D everyday. All of us signed a 6month lease, so we’re stuck with the shared ventilation system for a little while. At least the apartment building is right across the street from a great park with basketball hoops, tennis courts, a playground, plus a pond with ducks plus fish.

Ductless heat pump

Training for the race indoors

I particularly hate the humidity plus brutal heat, and I do my best to stay indoors whenever possible. Even when I was a kid, I spent a majority of my free time indoors. I played board games plus video games plus I spent a lot of time on the laptop. I was coding software before I had a driver’s permit. In high university plus university, I started running long distance. It’s a great way to clear your mind. My friends plus I have been training to run a marathon that will be held in a few months. I have been doing my training indoors in order to stay out of the sunny weather, then yesterday, one of my friends mentioned a great point. It’s going to be warm plus humid on the afternoon of the race, plus I won’t be truly ready for the awful outdoor weather. My friends have been running outdoors several times each month in the afternoon. I guess it’s time to join them so my body can be temperature- regulated to the warm air plus scorching temperatures. I have been running on the treadmill in my home, with the set on 68. I assume much more energy when I run indoors in the cool HVAC. The heat makes me assume sluggish plus it clouds my thoughts plus my mind. The intense humidity and heat drains all of my energy in a third of the normal time. If they ever have an indoor marathon, I’m going to be the first person to sign up. I enjoy running long distances, but I care about artificial terrain in a comfortable indoor environment.


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The air flow isn’t as strong in the back room

My dear hubby plus I have had this home for fifteen years.

  • Six years ago, the people I was with and I replaced all the HVAC components with a modern heat pump plus 16 SEER unit.

It worked just great for the 1st few years, however now things have changed. Over the past few months, I have noticed a rather sudden and drastic change in the air quality inside my home. The indoor air flow is not nearly as strong as it was when I bought the heating plus a/c multiple years ago. It seems to me the study room is not as frigid as the study room. The study room is located much closer to the heating plus a/c. The further the people I was with and I get from the heating plus a/c, the lower airflow the people I was with and I assume from the air vents. I tried to close some of the air vents in the more than one rooms that the people I was with and I rarely use, however that still did not force more air into the back of the house. I called for a heating plus A/C corporation to talk about the concern plus find out if there was anything the people I was with and I could do ourselves to repair it. The heating plus A/C corporation had multiple ideas to help boost our indoor air flow. All of us ultimately decided to thoroughly clean all of the HVAC ductwork plus air vents. All of us are hopeful this cleaning repair will help the flow of air inside our humble home. If this does not work, the people I was with and I will genuinely buy a newer supplemental heating plus a/c to place in the back of the house. Since that means spending more money from the savings account, it’s going to be our last resort option.

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Changing the air filters more frequently these mornings

I have a lot of children and they are under the age of multiple years old.

My first born child suffers from a heart condition.

The other more than one children are relatively healthy. I still worry about them getting the Covid19 virus. I have remained vigilant about wearing masks plus washing our hands. Even the kids have custom masks that were made to properly fit their faces. Each one one of them picked out the fabric, color, plus pattern for their masks, so they assume more personalized. Let’s face facts, masks are going to be an accessory before the crisis is over plus pretty much everyone is safer. Another way I have been keeping my family safe is by changing the air filters far more frequently. Before the coronavirus, I changed the air filter every month, now I will change the air filter every other week. I want to be safe plus I do not mind spending the extra money to keep our family healthy. One friend recently bought an air filtration system for our house. She called an air quality specialist plus they told her it was necessary to install the new equipment. My family plus I talked about that option, however it’s seriously extravagant to add on a whole home air cleaner to your existing HVAC unit. It would be easier to purchase a few portable air cleaners, but I’m not ready to spend money on an air cleaning equipment yet. If I get to that point, I might invest some money to buy a UV air cleaner with HEPA technology… For now, I guess we’re safe with changing the air filter frequently.

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The boiler is not getting enough heat

Fishermen in this section leave their homes for multiple mornings at a time to make a living for their family. It’s a hard way to live plus the gig is extremely dangerous. The water is frigid plus lethally icy plus the dangers are lurking around every corner; Cold water fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet Earth. Down at the docks, most of the big fishing vessels have steam boilers. The steam boilers give the power plus heat to the ship. Many of these fishing boats are 30 to 40 years old, especially in this area. Only the largest plus greatest companies can afford a sleek modern fishing boat, so the people I was with and I get stuck with fixer uppers. These ships come with troubles including engine troubles, heating troubles, plus boiler troubles. The ice machines only work maybe half the time. Our small city is near the banks, about twenty miles away from the major ports. Some of the larger commercial companies have abandoned the section entirely for the larger ports, however the people I was with and I still have a thriving small city cannery. The fish cannery employs probably half of the local population in this town. Between the cannery plus the fishermen, this city survives on the sea itself! HVAC professionals that specialize in boiler services make premium pay in this area. I have been working for an HVAC supplier who specializes in boiler service. When I finally got my certification in boiler repair services, I gained a two bucks per third raise. Of course, now I get sent to all of the boiler repair calls. Sometimes it’s a hundred degrees or hotter in the steam room plus it can be a long afternoon.


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Working on repairs plus odd jobs while I am home

Everyone at the office has been having to work from home since the middle of May… Even though the mandatory curfew is done with, but our office is still shut down until further notice.

I do not mind working out of my home at all, in fact it is giving me lots of extra time to get chores done around the house. I do not have to commute each morning and afternoon plus I have been using that extra time wisely. This month I spent a lot of time in the backyard. All of the flower beds needed to be fully weeded. I also put modern mulch around the trees plus the pool. I trimmed some of the orange trees away from the fence. This month I am planning to tackle some of the HVAC repair work that need to be completed before summer. The a/c works well, however it’s been over 3 months since I performed a relaxing cleaning repair on the system parts. The drain lines need to be cleaned plus emptied plus the evaporator coils could use some attention as well. I will also recheck all of the belts plus bolts to be particular that things are slim plus moving easily, but during the next HVAC cleaning service, I will also clean all of the leaves plus dirt away from the bottom of the AC condenser unit. We’ve had a lot of rain plus wind lately plus the AC section looks shabby. I hope that my office continues letting us work from home, because I am getting a lot of home repairs plus odd jobs completed. I really do not need to return to the office ever again.


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The smell of cookies in the air is delicious

One of the most awesome things about the holidays is the way my home smells.

My partner likes to decorate the home with cinnamon plus peach plus french vanilla scents.

She also likes to bake a lot during the holiday season. She will bake a odd sweet confection each evening. Sometimes she will bake pumpkin bars or fruit cakes, plus sometimes she will make a variety of cookies care about chocolate, sugar, lemon, peanut butter, plus chocolate chip, but last week, she made strawberry rhubarb pie with the most light and delicious shortbread crust. It seems to me there is always something baking in the oven when I get home from work each afternoon. The delicious smell of cookies in the air is particularly delicious. There are more than one air vents in the upstairs study room that carry the smell of baked goods all over the house. The master study room is way on the other side of the study room plus the smell carries through the air vents right to our upstairs study room. Sometimes on Monday day, my partner will cook bacon plus eggs to wake me up. It’s the best way to start a long afternoon of chores. The smell of bacon fills every air vent inside of the whole house. There are hundreds of people that pay thousands of dollars for air cleaners, so there are never any odd smells lurking around the house. I do not mind waking up to the smell of food. In truth, most of the candles I purchase are made with food smells care about vanilla, maple, sugar, or wild cinnamon. I would buy a candle that smells care about bacon if I could find one; Unluckily for me, it’s not the easiest candle scent to find.

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The time the people I was with and I made the choice to go camping in the snow

When I was only 15, I went on a camping trip with my boy scout troop.

It was a late in the year trip, however all of the people I was with and I were going to learn how to make fires plus fish for salmon and trout. All of us did not expect snow to fall on the first night of our weekend out, however that is exactly what happened. There were nine of us in our group plus three parents. All of us had several tents way up on the top of the mountain, next to the lake. All of us had sleeping bags in the pup tent, however the people I was with and I absolutely weren’t prepared for snow. The temperature started to drop truly suddenly plus no one was paying attention to the weather forecast… When the people I was with and I woke up the following day, there was almost an inch of snow on the ground. The temperature was seriously chili plus it did not look care about the sunshine was going to come out from behind the clouds. All of us were 6 thirds away from home plus the three adults had to make a decision. They were going to cancel the camping trip, however someone decided to drive to a hardware store plus buy some battery-operated portable heaters, but one of the adults came back from the city with three portable heaters. They placed one portable gas furnace inside each tent. It was truly frigid during the afternoon for the next more than one evening, however the tent was warm plus toasty thanks to the heaters. I’ll never forget that ill fated camping trip as long as I live. It did not snow another inch the rest of our several day long trip, however the people I was with and I still had the furnaces for backup.
a/c rep

The a/c needs to be replaced

My partner plus I were searching for a residence to rent in the country with a backyard… All of us couldn’t find many places that were in our modest budget, and most of the old houses were very run down plus needed to have repairs.

Most of the places in our budget wanted a big down payment to transport in.

My partner plus I saw an advert online for a rental property that was in our price range, however the a/c situation wasn’t perfect, however since my partner works for an HVAC supplier, I thought the people I was with and I could definitely work out a great deal for doing work on the property. My partner agreed to repair the a/c while the people I was with and I were living in the house, so the owner of the property agreed to let us transport in without a security deposit. My partner plus I are living in a pretty nice place with a big backyard, but the a/c troubles did not turn out to be that significant plus my partner did not have any concern making the repair over a weekend. All of us paid for all the parts plus my partner performed the labor. All of us saved a lot of cash plus the people I was with and I ended up in a nice place that was just out of our modest price range. The rest of the home is in great shape plus the place has fresh paint, carpet, plus very modern fixtures in the master bath. The a/c was the only concern plus now that equipment is working so great. My partner is going to perform a tune up repair on the gas furnace before the Winter season starts. The tune-up will help the gas furnace work better plus that will save us money during the cold, long Wintertide months.

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