Blessed country

We legitimately lived blessed lives in a blessed country.

We have several luxuries in our everyday lives, and we even have ways to recover after natural disasters.

Some are so crucial that the recovery efforts are ongoing for years, still, our resources are better than those of most other countries. One of the reasons is our fine infrastructure. We have fine roads that can take goods as well as services anywhere in the country. We have government agencies to deal with crises, but especially important is our power grid. Just about everyone in this country has electricity available at the flip of a switch all day and night. That is not the case everywhere in the world! For example, my family comes from a country where most people do not have a/c. Those that do have cooling system are only allowed to run that cooling system during particular times of afternoon, and if they try to operate the a/c or any other highly-draining items, they can be heavily fined. In fact, sometimes, the government shuts down the power plants at a particular time. But, our power grid is quite old. We do not, as a nation, ensure that the power grid is upgraded properly. We only repair it when it is broken. We all worry about our a/c, however if the power grid is attacked by enemies or somehow fails us, the a/c will be the least of our problems. But, don’t forget, a/c isn’t just intended to keep us cool. We need a cooling system in workrooms to keep computer systems running. We need heating and A/C to store perishable food. Also, OTR trucks have cooling to transport food as well as other items.

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