Not the smartest tenants

I was surprised when my brand new renters called and said that the a/c was not properly working in their apartment.

They had just moved in to the location and I had checked everything.

I had also had the furnace and a/c worked just fine on just afternoons before the transport in. I always have the existing heating and a/c checked before I rented out to current renters to avoid problems. I am still well aware that life doesn’t always go quite as planned so I called up my correct air conditioner business that I regularly use to go take a look at the renters a/c. Then I prayed to myself that the repair bill would not be too fancy. Thankfully, it wasn’t terrible at all. In fact, it fit into my proper repair plan and I did not even have to pay anything. I did have a laugh though when the air conditioner specialist carefully told myself and others what the problem had been. He calmly said there was nothing wrong with the air conditioner plan at all, but my current renters we’re not aware that they had to switch the control component setting to the cool side in order to work that way. He said that the control component was set to fan and that the brand new renters thought that it would turn on the furnace or a/c to keep it whatever random temperature they wanted. I did not recognize people could be that stupid – they didn’t know how a thermostat worked. The specialist and I had a nice laugh about all this.


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