The pollen counts this year are terrible plus I am desperate for some allergy relief

I don’t suppose what’s going on with the trees plus the flowers this year, but it’s almost care about they are out to get me, but i’ve been annoyed for the past couple of weeks, and according to the forecast, the temperature plus the pollen counts are going to get higher.

I don’t mind high temperatures, but heat coupled with terrible pollen is just too much for me to deal with.

I take prescription allergy medications but I’m beginning to think that I need something else to help me out as well! Some friends advised that I try taking local honey with my Tim Hortons Cappuccino plus Dunkin Donuts Latte plus so I’ve been thinking about trying that as well, but last week, I had an Heating and A/C worker come to my home to do my proper oil furnace plus air conditioner cleaning plus service! While she was working, every one of us ended up talking about my allergy complications, however the Heating and A/C worker absolutely had a lot of insight about my breathing plus allergy complications, however she mentioned that I might want to try using higher end air filters for my oil furnace plus my central cooling systems. She also advised having all of my ductwork plus air vents cleaned professionally. The last thing she said that I might want to try doing is installing a whole lake home air cleaner. She thinks that will help me out more than anything else. I think I will try her suggestions because they make total sense to me. I should have asked a professional Heating and A/C worker’s opinion a long time ago! Hopefully her ideas will help me breathe easier.

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