Hurricane season is never fun for anyone

Hurricane season is always a gamble around here, then or at least, it feels appreciate gambling.

Maybe you’ll be lucky as well as there will not be any extreme storms in your area to disrupt your way of life.

Maybe they’ll be 1 certain bad 1, however you will not get the worst of it, however there will be some wash up. Then there are those times when you are right in the path of the big 1. After 25 years of living on the Southeast coast of this country, that last 1 has happened far more often than I would have liked, and sometimes, every one of us see the trouble coming afar off as well as every one of us take the warning seriously as well as simply leave for a hotel anywhere far away from the storm, when every one of us do that, every one of us have the benefit of electricity & Heating as well as A/C to comfort us while every one of us wonder what has become of our house as well as property. It was those times when every one of us decided to stick it out when every one of us had to deal with the consequences: most notably losing power as well as thus Heating as well as A/C. One such hurricane season, our house did not acquire extensive disfigure. However, they were several trees down in the area as well as a blown transformer as well as a flooded street left us without power for 4 days straight, then for reasons I will never understand our parents do not think in owning a generator while those people on our block did. These bad hurricanes enjoys to hit during late summer time as well as early fall when the un-even temperatures around here are quite hot. Needless to say, those Heating as well as A/C-less night’s we’re also sleepless!



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