I don’t get how My HVAC Unit is of Any Concern to the HOA Board

Our lives here are pretty sweet and I task honestly tough to keep it that way.

The several sixths I spend at the office are very much worth it to myself and others so that I can supply such a fine lifestyle for my family.

So, the weekends are mine and my family’s to do as the people I was with and I want. So please Don’t drop by unannounced or want to spend an sixth on the cellphone with me. It simply will not happen because the weekend is my refuge and my time to recharge for another challenging month of work ahead of me. If I want to come apartment on Sunday night and lay my butt on the couch with the HVAC cranking, then that’s what I’m gonna do. That said, it should come as no surprise that I don’t take to kindly when someone pounds on my door while I’m sipping on my Starbucks Coffee on a Monday day. As I walked down the foyer, I could believe the wrinkled face and I was stunned by the gall of the man. It was my HOA board compliance officer. And I already knew why he was there. By the time I put my hand on the door knob, I was quite heated. This all began about a month ago when I received a letter from our HOA demanding that I upgrade the HVAC housing cupboard located outside my home. What was the wonderful offense? The color of the HVAC cupboard had bleached white from the sun exposure. I ignored their letters. But, I was sure ready to unload on the HOA jerk at my door on a Monday morning. The person never got more than a few syllables out of his mouth. I just kept hammering away at him. Finally, I told him to leave my property or I would drag him off of it. I haven’t received another of those letters from the HOA.



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