The lack of a furnace made my food cold!

I love hunting, but I don’t hunt for sport as most people do.

In my opinion, hunting is a good opportunity to kill and prepare your own meat.

It cuts down massively on the cost of food during the Winter, and it is also an exciting event for me. I look forward to hunting season every year. This year, it only took me a couple of days to shoot two deer. As soon as I had them skinned and cut, I wanted a pot roast! Little did I know that my furnace was going to ruin that wonderful meal. My wife spent hours cooking that venison roast for me to enjoy. However, when she was finished cooking, our furnace stopped working properly. Though it didn’t stop working completely, the furnace wasn’t consistently blowing heat, and it wouldn’t keep our house up to temperature. Unfortunately, this meant that the air was cold in our house, and it began to make the roast very cold! For the first few minutes, the pot roast was warm enough to heat our bodies, which was a wonderful escape from the broken furnace. But once the food started getting colder, you could see the fat and oil start to solidify on the meat. It was disgusting. I am not going to be able to enjoy this food until my furnace starts working again! I called up a friend who works on HVAC units, and I asked him to come to fix our furnace. I told him that I didn’t have too much money, but I did have a ton of frozen meat and a good pot roast dinner if he would help us out!

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