There are only a few things I can’t stand like poor air quality

I certainly don’t want my kids over at your house if you don’t have decent air quality

For the most part, I’m an easy going type of guy. There are a few things I can’t stand though. Something in particular that drives me nuts is when people have really poor air quality in their home. This means that they don’t bother to change their air filters for their HVAC system. You can easily tell too because you will see a lot of dust floating around in the air. To think that all of that stuff is entering your lungs just by being inside the house. Usually I will just leave in a hurry because I don’t want that nasty stuff getting in my lungs and making me sick. It’s not like it’s overly difficult to change the air filters. And really now, how hard is it to call the HVAC company every once and awhile for a proper tune-up and to have your HVAC checked out. There are working parts in the HVAC system that need to be replaced every so often. If you don’t get your HVAC system maintenance, the system will eventually fail without getting the needed parts to be replaced when they are worn out. This is why I feel I can’t be good friends with people who don’t take proper care of their HVAC machines. I certainly don’t want my kids over at your house if you don’t have decent air quality. I don’t want them getting terribly sick just because you are not responsible with your major appliances in your home! Other than that, there’s not a whole lot that gets me upset. Like I said, I’m pretty laid back and I get along with most people.

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