I need a workplace injury attorney somewhere near Southfield in Michigan

I feel like I’ve been hit by a tornado after waking up in the hospital following a severe workplace injury.

I don’t even remember what happened or how long it has been since I was admitted to the hospital.

My wife had to visit her family overseas and is heartbroken that I’m here in the hospital by myself, but I am just thankful to have her on the other end of a phone at the very least. I asked the doctors and the nurses what happened on the day of the accident, but only got vague responses. When I finally called my boss, he tried to downplay the situation and barely acknowledged my condition before asking me when I would be back at work. Thankfully an hour later my friend from work called to check on me, and when I told him I had no memory and had no one to fill me in, he was shocked. He said that our boss told me to get on a ladder that wasn’t secured at the base and was on an uneven surface. Apparently I protested but my boss threatened to fire me if I refused. When I learned of this, I immediately started calling workplace injury attorneys all over Southfield and even farther north in Wayne County. I plan to sue my boss as soon as I can get out of this hospital bed, but for now I’m going to reach out to the Michigan Bar Association to get their recommendations. I hope that I can find someone here in Southfield and I’m not forced to drive into Detroit or Dearborn for instance. One of the best workplace injury lawyers in the state is in Lansing, but that is several hours away from Southfield. I also hope to find someone in Wayne County who is experienced with our court system here. Most importantly of all, I hope that I can heal from this chaotic mess.

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